Fred Blair has always been a "Car Guy!"

Starting with his first car in 1969, hardly a week has passed without water, a bucket and a sponge hitting his personal fleet. No matter what car he has owned, borrowed or rented, the car had to be clean! So why not use this passion and talent to build a great business?

After managing a traditional style car wash in nearby Severna Park, Fred came to realize that he could provide a service far beyond what a typical car wash could offer. Starting a business from his home, he attracted discerning customers who wanted superior quality car care. He offered pick up and delivery service to accommodate the busy professional and offered additional services including rim repairs, paint restoration and dent removal that most car washes simply do not offer. He felt this way of doing business was an advantage to his customers... so in 2001, "The Car Guys" Advantage Car Care was launched.

In 2007 Fred’s son Geoffrey joined the company and has become well known in the area as one of the best when it comes to problematic paint finishes. His artistic skills excel in wet sanding, buffing and polishing paint surfaces and is a “black paint” specialist. Geoffrey's involvement as a great partner and asset to the business resulted in the evolution of the company and formation of Palmer-Sheridan, bringing in the next generation of "The Car Guys".


Celebrating our 15th year in business. "The Car Guys" continues to offer an expanded line of services.


Preserve & Maintain

Keeping your vehicle in peak condition requires regular cleaning. Removing enviornmental polutants road dirt regularly protects your vehicles finishes and preserves its value. Let "The Car Guys" help you keep your Car, Van, Truck, Cycle or Boat in tip-top shape.

Repair & Restore

"The Car Guys" can do much more that clean your car. We can fix many kinds of body scratches, dings and dents. Our custom approach allows us to offer many services normally associated with a "body shop" at a time and cost savings.

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